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Tree Management Plans & Ecological Surveys

Richard Gauld, Tree Specialist has worked closely with a number of trusts, housing associations and private householders to develop targeted management plans to help take control of the trees on your property or around your business.

A specific, easy to maintain management plan includes full survey on the health and safety of your trees, works recommended or required, planned routine maintenance, future removals and planting locations etc. This could help to avoid a number of tree related issues, saving you costs in the future.

Running in tandem with the tree plan, an ecological survey will identify the habitat and/or species that exist within the area and provide actions that may be taken to support the conservation and management of particular habitats and/or species.

Thanks to the wealth of experience Richard Gauld has, in working both as a local authority Tree Officer, and as a practical tree surgeon, he can advise on the rules and regulations surrounding trees in conservation areas (TCAs) and tree preservation orders (TPOs). Relevant letters and reports can be prepared and presented allowing you successfully gaining permission to carry out work on preserved trees.

It is worth remembering though that because a tree is protected, it doesn’t absolve owners of the responsibility of maintaining the tree to ensure its’ safety.

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Tree Safety Inspections & Health Diagnosis

Your trees deserve and require as much care and attention as the rest of your garden and property. Trees should be health and safety inspected at least once per year, or after particularly stormy and windy weather.
L.O.L.E.R. Inspections

L.O.L.E.R. Inspections

Richard Gauld is a qualified L.O.L.E.R. Inspector having sat and passed the City and Guilds qualification NPTC’s Certificate of Competence in the Thorough Examination of Arboricultural Equipment.
Hedge Management

Hedge Management

Hedges are more than just a line of shrubs. Many contain a variety of tree and shrub species. Hedges also provide significant habitat for our wildlife and this should be taken into account when maintaining them.
Tree Care

Tree Care

Any structural works carried out to trees, including crown reduction, crown thinning, crown lifting, pruning, coppicing or pollarding are an important part of any trees growth. Helping them to live longer with better shape and form.
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