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Fruit Tree Pruning

Fruit trees are planted to enjoy their produce, but unfortunately in many cases they do not get the care and attention they need to keep on producing fruit for you to enjoy for many years.

Their location within your garden in respect of root growth and sunlight are particularly important, but also their annual care through pruning is a necessity.

The size fruit trees are allowed to grow to is also important for ease of harvesting the fruit and limiting the amount of fruit that falls to the ground and is either bruised or wasted.

Pruning may only be the removal of any dead or damaged wood, but pruning does differ with each type of fruit tree and Richard Gauld, Tree Specialist can provide this service with advice for future care and attention. Identification of insect, pest and disease can also be carried out so that you will be able to enjoy your fruit harvest for many years.

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Tree Safety Inspections & Health Diagnosis

Your trees deserve and require as much care and attention as the rest of your garden and property. Trees should be health and safety inspected at least once per year, or after particularly stormy and windy weather.
Tree Surveys to BS 5837:2012 for Planning Applications

Tree Surveys to BS 5837:2012 for Planning Applications

Richard Gauld’s invaluable experience as a local authority Tree Officer within a Planning Department and currently as a consultant, can help you when liaising with local authorities for authorisation to build.
Hedge Management

Hedge Management

Hedges are more than just a line of shrubs. Many contain a variety of tree and shrub species. Hedges also provide significant habitat for our wildlife and this should be taken into account when maintaining them.
Waste Material Recycling

Waste Material Recycling

Our aim is to recycle at least 90% of arisings from our work. It is our policy that before commencement of any work, and normally at the time of quotation we discuss the impact of waste materials.
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